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  The Crazy Lady

  I was at a restaurant that we go to about once a week, with my boyfriend. I had been asking for their recipe for Bean Soup for over a year now (it is awesome) but the bartender (Matt) kept screwing with me, saying that it was an old family recipe, blah blah blah...

So I decided to take things into my own hands...

On my way back from the ladies room, I stuck my head in the door to the kitchen, and asked the chef for the recipe myself. He began telling me the basics and I then a...

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My ex's Family is so stupid 12/08/2008 9,465 Family/Friends TheMatrix 4.1
Illinois Drivers Suck! 12/11/2008 7,800 Driving NotaFIB 4.3
I beg forgiveness 09/07/2012 6,087 Random kenny 0.0
Old Naked Hopscotch 12/15/2008 5,327 Travel/Vacations Lurch 5.0
My Family 12/14/2008 4,452 Family/Friends TheMatrix 4.9
My Dog ate my neighbor's downspout 01/23/2009 4,308 Pets/Animals DarkSideOfTheMoon 5.0
Get out of the way 01/02/2009 4,254 Travel/Vacations Pugsly 4.0
Duct Tape - The Ultimate Babysitter 03/16/2009 3,981 Stupid Ideas TheMatrix 4.5
Why Jehovah's Witnesses do not come to my door anymore 02/14/2009 3,576 Pets/Animals TheMatrix 4.6
The Crazy Lady 01/19/2009 3,166 Myself TheCrazyLady 4.5
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